– Why couldn’t I think of this…

Art Director Emily Haugbro er opprinnelig fra USA, har bodd og jobbet rundt om i verden, og nå jobber hun som frilanser i Oslo. Her er hennes Kudos.

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Emily Haugbro: an Oslo-based freelance art director. I call Oregon ‘home’ but have also lived in Taiwan, Vietnam and the Netherlands. I have spent time agency-side and client-side, and have just decided to go freelance. I have a lot of energy that I direct towards skiing, mountain biking and advocacy work with Planned Parenthood. My most prized possession is my pug (and ski partner), Pancake, who I found on the American version of Finn (Craigslist.)

Tell us about one or more Norwegian-produced jobs that you like

– I really love the McDonalds work, Take Away your Take Away, from Nord DDB. I love how the campaign shows a brand taking ownership and initiative. The art direction and use of the “M” logo is really smart. It’s one of those ads where you think “why couldn’t I think of this….” as you probably walk over a McD’s trash bag.

Take Away your Take Away, av Nord DDB.

– I recently renewed my Norwegian passport and remembered really admiring the new design from Neue when it first came out. It’s a very refreshing and beautiful take on a passport. I really admire how the team looked deeper into the foundation of Norwegian culture and what connects us all... that being nature and how it's played a major role in our history, folklore and storytelling.

Skjermbilde 2023 09 21 kl 13 38 35
Skjermbilde 2023 09 21 kl 13 39 09
Skjermbilde 2023 09 21 kl 13 40 50

Name one or more inspiring international/foreign work that you would like to have done yourself?

– I love these wild postings from Yeti. The juxtaposition is really clever and shows the obvious benefits of using reusable cups, bags, coolers etc. I also love how simple the copy is and the product photography.

Skjermbilde 2023 09 21 kl 13 54 04
Skjermbilde 2023 09 21 kl 13 54 44

– I also love the commercials from Progressive Insurance in the US. The insight “young people turn into their parents when they become homeowners,” is very relatable and something we all deny. The execution is also extremely funny and I think it really stands out in the category. I also love how they have a character that is consistent throughout all the films.

Who would you like to pass the baton on to, and why?

– I would like to pass the baton to my cousin and friend, Sigurd Haugbro who does amazing work in set design.