The Norwegian Soloist's Choir – Visual Identity and Website

Snøhetta has designed a dynamic visual identity and website for the Norwegian Soloists’ Choir.

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Snøhetta has designed a dynamic visual identity and website for the Norwegian Soloists’ Choir. The choir consists of twenty-six equally important soloists and is considered one of the world's most recognized choirs within its genre. By interpreting the choir’s tonality visually in real-time, the choir’s identity is communicated in a new and innovative way.

The visual identity strives to convey the duality of being a soloist within a choir, and being a choir of soloists. This is reflected in the use of circles, each representing the individual soloist. The circles can be combined in countless ways, and can be used to represent individuals, smaller groups, and the entire choir. In this way, the visual identity establishes a sense of identity within a group, as well as a unique identity for the group as a whole.

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A Responsive Visual Identity

The visual identity is designed as a dynamic circle system that replicates the frequencies of the sound waves performed by the choir.

On the website, the combination and setup of the rings change for every entry, creating a unique visual pattern for each visitor.

A Dynamic, Adaptive Design System

The color palette ranges from cold to warm and soft to intense. The visual expression of each concert is reflected through the color palette, which is adapted to fit the nature of each performance.

The circles can be combined in countless ways; singles, threes, full choir – to portray each individual performance and its expression through a bold visual universe.

A Distinct Expression Across All Channels

The identity is designed to work seamlessly both in digital and analogue media, ranging from animated videos in social media to printed materials. In this way, this visual identity is universally applicable and allows for customization of the choir’s visual expression for years to come.

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