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Tommy Willis Borgen

Creative Director / Co-Founder, Uppercase

Experienced graphic designer, covering a broad range of projects from print to digital/interactive media. I am passionate about design, always trying to make good quality work that will stand the test of time. I have a hunger to change things for the better and focus on what really makes a difference. I thrive to understand what is important to the user, how to get there efficiently and with the best result. Ultimately I'm a big fan of getting things done! "Design it like you care" Through my years as a professional designer I have had the privilege to work with clients like: Playstation, Nintendo, Telenor, Statoil, Disney, DNB, Canal Digital, Get, IGN, Square Enix, Sparebank 1, Santander, Storebrand, Gjensidige, Posten, Bring, Avinor, Riks TV, ABB, REC, Diakonhjemmet, Ya Bank, Finn, Norwegian Wood, NSB, DolphieTech, Fuse, Attensi, The Future Group, Otovo, Brightside Bank, Lovisenberg D. Høgskole Specialities: Visual Communication, User Experience, Concept Development, Interactive Media, Branding and Identity


(Graphic Design) Falmouth University