BIT Solli Plass

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Once a proud corner in the “English quarter” of Oslo, with its unique grandiose architecture, the space has in recent years housed an automated banking branch with a cash machine “decorating” the façade. Our first order of business was to turn the corner back to its original stature. Tall ceilings, vertical lines, large, arched windows looking out on a busy intersection. The idea of this beautiful original space was a driving force throughout the project. We believe that true luxury is about elevated experiences. Consequently, every BIT restaurant is bespoke and we strive, through the deliberate use of design, to create unique atmospheres and experiences at every new location we open. With this space we wanted to create a quiet sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of the city, the daily grind of our busy lives. We designed a clean, open, light and airy space; a place for thought, and for renewing your energy – a place where the most important objects in the space are the people that inhabits it. Natural elements are combined with contemporary furniture. Salvaged wood, plants, and natural stones form a light, fresh and calmly invigorating, yet edgy space.


  • Axel Hartvig-Larsen
    Kreativ leder
  • Morten Kristiansen
  • Caroline Bommen
    Annet (må beskrives)
  • Karen Leon
    Annet (må beskrives)