Level The Playing Field

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Erlend Løfald
Gullblyanten 2019
Sølv, Student - Kommunikasjon
In the UK, a mere 7% of sports media coverage is women’s sport. How can we expect young girls to keep on playing sports when they hardly see any female athletes in the media? In 2017, a men’s rugby union league match reached a record-breaking 875 000 live viewers in the UK. By letting people donate their Instagram profiles to act as an adidas micro-broadcaster, and thus creating their own crowdsourced media-network with millions of potential viewers, adidas will make a women’s match the most viewed rugby union league match in British history, beating the men’s record. We aim to break the vicious circle of sponsors not wanting to support women’s sport because no broadcasters will show it – and no broadcasters will show it because no sponsors are fuelling money into women's sport. Therefore we have to take advantage of an innovative use of Instagram to reach our audience.


  • Erlend Løfald
    Art Director
  • Sindre Holmedal Johnstad
    Art Director