Paranormal Technology

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Future Home
Future Home provides smart house technology, which lets you control your technical devices at home. Its technology is at the peer of innovation, but smart homes hasn’t really kicked off yet. But we believe that if you try it, you’ll want it. Lights, sounds and locked doors are all important features in Future Home. They also play a crucial role in a very different place - horror movies. Using Future Home’s technology, we’re making the first real time horror movie ever. And you’re in charge of the special effects. We send a group of unknowing friends on a trip in the middle of nowhere. Back home we invite people to control all the electronic devices in the house from our website. Turn off lights, lock doors, turn down the heat and every other scare tactic you can think of, using the Future Home app as a remote. Play along on the website - or just watch the magnificent terror unfold. The horror industry sells over 1.5 billion tickets a year, and this might be the future for the genre. Shown on the big screen, the campaign will reach even further. This campaign will make it possible for users to try out the product before they buy it, and connect with the Future Home brand in an engaging and surprising way. It’s not really paranormal. It’s just the future.


  • Maria Lilly Flakk
  • Juliane Stensrud
    Art Director