Show Your Inner Gold

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Varner Ibrahimovic
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This A–Z Sportswear film is part of a multi-media campaign called, Show Your Inner Gold. It features Zlatan Ibrahimović showing his inner gold in spectacular and unexpected ways. We cooperated with New York director, Timothy Saccenti to create supernatural visual narrative that was both exciting and visually arresting. Saccenti is known for his unique camera rigs, and his experimental uses of cutting-edge visual effects. The result was a film that was viewed over 3 million times. The music for the film is made in cooperation with Swedish Grammy winning rapper, Erik Lundin to make a song about the importance of inner gold. The song was written and composed in close cooperation with the agency, leaving a clear message, directly linked to the brand. It was used in a film commercial, and a full length version was launched on all major music streaming services. The song was played more than 3.5 million times - leaving a culturally relevant message with our target audience. A branded content audio experience.


  • Jason Kinsella
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  • Fredrik Melby
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  • Timothy Saccenti
  • Tina Pawlik
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  • Time Based Arts
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  • Fredrik Melby
    Grafisk Design
  • Kjetil Wold
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