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Stavanger Symfoniorkester
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I Stavanger, the audience of classical music is a relatively narrow group of lojal “subscribers” to the concerts. The music stays inside the concert hall, and the concept is intitutionalized and static. The objective of the campaign is to make classical music relevant in people´s lives. Stavanger Symphonic Orchestra (SSO) feels a responsibility to be a supportive institution in its region, to create magical moments, to educate, to inspire people to appreciate classical music in general and to mobilize new audience, especially the young. Stavanger recently opened their new Concert hall, but instead of just inviting people inside, we decided to take the music to where people are. And not the big occasions, large audience moments. We sought out the everyday life situations like the one person that works overtime in a large empty office, the schoolkids in their PE class, the family with small children that are in a hurry in the morning. The incentive is simply to expose people to the beauty and relevance of classical music.


  • Andreas Kleiberg
  • Kjetil Ravnaas
  • Nina Elisabeth Børke
    Art Director
  • Nina Elisabeth Børke
    Grafisk Design