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Scandinavian Design Group AS
Statoil ASA
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The Norwegian oil and gas company StatoilHydro, came out of an interim phase after the merger between Statoil and Hydro, to become a global energy player. A new company, a new brand and a new strategy where digital media plays a central role as they aim to be the primary communication platform between the corporation and the different stake holders. The first phase of the project of redesigning focused on making visible a new identity, a new visual expression align with the brand values; migrating "old" content; optimizing the IA and introduce new interaction patterns. New functionality is in development as part of the 2nd release at the end of 2010


  • Diogo Valério
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  • Anders Fagerhus
  • Silja Langebraaten
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  • Bjorn wang
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  • Marita Otilie Eriksson
  • Chriter Lien
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  • Statoil IT dept.
  • Ole Gunnar Dokka
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