The Disorder Deal

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Erlend Løfald
A quarter of teen girls between 17 and 19 years old in the UK has a mental disorder, and it’s about time major brands take action to influence this trend in a positive way. Adidas believes sport has the power to help with this issue, so they become the first ever official sponsor of stress, anxiety and depression. A Disorder Deal sponsor patch is released in collaboration with a selection of female athletes, and from there it spreads everywhere. Adidas aims to end the stigma, and give teen girls new role models they can look to when times get tough. For each patch collected, more money goes to support women’s sport. By sparking a conversation about mental health and the possibilities sports has for therapeutic effects, adidas inspires a generation of girls to engage in sports. We’re all a bit mental, let’s show it.


  • Sindre Holmedal Johnstad
    Art Director
  • Erlend Løfald
    Art Director