– Attractive, attentive and communicative

Den franske designeren Marie Payan driver oonda Space i Oslo. Hun deler blant annet ut kudos til en gruppe kunstnere og designere som bedriver kunstbasert aktivisme i det offentlig rom for å sette spørsmål ved hvem som har makten til å påvirke oss der.

Marie Payan Foto Åsmund Holien Mo
Marie Payan. Foto: Åsmund Holien Mo.


Marie Payan is a graphic designer and print maker working across digital and analog media. In 2020 she founded oonda space — a design practice, risograph print shop and workshop space. She is also currently co-forming a multi-disciplinary collective that will pop-up sometime this spring!

oonda på Instagram

Fortell om én eller flere norskproduserte jobber du er glad i.

Subvertising Norway

– I would like to give a thumbs up to Subvertising Norway. Their art-based activism challenges our perception about power and access in the public realm. I find their take refreshing and inspiring and I definitely think this is relevant for us as visual storytellers!

Subvertising Norway 04
Bilder fra IG-profilen til Subvertising Norway.
Subvertising Norway 03
Subvertising Norway 02
Subvertising Norway 01

Nevn et eller flere inspirerende internasjonalt/utenlandsk arbeid du gjerne skulle ha lagd selv.

Co-Conspirator Press

– Of foreign works I'd like to mention the publications of Co-Conspirator Press (US), a publishing platform for people who are not normally heard in the public sector. They mainly use eco-friendly and cost effective printing technique such as Riso printing and simple binding techniques to publish small books with topics from a variety of voices.

– Their publications are attractive, attentive and communicate well through simple graphical elements such as typography, colored paper and sometimes the use of illustration and/or photography. There's no «fioriture»! Their raw design direction serves the content perfectly!

Co Cospiratorpress 03
Bilder fra CO-Conspirator Press' Instagram-profil.
Co Cospiratorpress 02
Co Cospiratorpress 01

Hvem vil du sende stafettpinnen videre til, og hvorfor?

– I would like to send the «stafettpinne» to Aurora Brunvoll, currently working as a designer at Sopra Steria. She is also the co-founder and manager of «Ladies, Wine & Design Oslo», a network that is inspiring and full of great initiatives. I would love to hear her take on this Kudos' challenge!