Anatomy of sound

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Song Circus
Concert venues, Oslo/ Stavanger
Gullblyanten 2014
Bronse, Design - Print/Skilt/Omgivelse

Song Circus is a vocal chamber ensemble consisting of professional singers from Stavanger, Oslo and Gothenburg. During 2013 and 2014 Song Circus performed works by Cornelius Cardew, Ole-Henrik Moe og Trevor Wishart as well as performing at the Ultima festival of contemporary music with Ruben Sverre Gjertsen´s “Landscapes with figures II”, in collaboration with Oslo Sinfonetta. Song Circus wanted a visual identity to represent their work; Posters, giveaways and imagery for festival catalogues etc. Song Circus´ minutiae explorations into the very microlevels of unexpected sound production, as well as their activation of spatial premises, creates an electroacoustic product of threedimensional qualities. This impressive palette of experimental sounds and expressions were an inspiration towards visually translating the sound and the means of sound production into an actual illustrated catalogue of sound anatomy. The poster is a composition of typical Song Circus sounds, represented visually.


  • Nina Elisabeth Børke