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Media City Bergen / Entra
Fysisk installasjon i Media City Bergen
In November 2017 Media City Bergen opened it’s doors. As part of launching a new international hub for media & technology innovation, an interactive media installation – Eiris – was conceived as a physical reflection of the daily news. A media personality defined by the world it lives in and the interactions between people – the digital, physical and metaphysical. Utilising cognitive computing techniques, the installation functions as a mediator between people in the space and content it is fed through social media. Influenced by how content is received online (likes, dislikes ++) the installation changes it’s appearance, behaviour & personality. With the intent of achieving the "Eliza effect" the installation expresses it’s agency (will) through the illusion of a responsive eye. The combined effect of design, engineering, technological development & input is a provocative and emotive presentation of media — blurring the boundaries between ‘medium’, ‘content’ & ‘audience’. Eiris was the Goddess of the Rainbow and Messenger of the Olympian Gods. As conceptual starting point the name encompasses both the purpose of the media industry and the spectrum of light that enable the capturing, transportation & presentation of media content – a concept shared by the brand’s interactive identity. Eiris's purpose is to inspire, question and reflect.


  • Tom Morgan
    Annet (må beskrives)
  • Joakim Wiig Hoen
    Annet (må beskrives)
  • Meghan Beaton
    Annet (må beskrives)
  • Anders Nærø Tangen
    Annet (må beskrives)
  • Vera Gomes
    Annet (må beskrives)
  • Endre Berentzen
    Annet (må beskrives)
  • Bjørn Gunnar Staal
    Annet (må beskrives)
  • Per Kristian Stoveland
    Annet (må beskrives)
  • Robert Dalen
    Annet (må beskrives)
  • Mikkel Lehne
    Annet (må beskrives)