Go Gray - Set color to your life

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Emilie Gabrielsen
The Center of Humane Technology
Studies show that Americans touch their mobile devices more than 2600 times a day. There is a growing body of scientific evidence that state that digital distraction is damaging our minds and making the quality of our lives worse. Former tech developers and executives have come out, stating that smartphones are purposely designed to hook people, by using the same neural pathways as both gambling and drugs. They claim that the social media platform was designed to hook users with spurts of dopamine. Exploiting a vulnerability in human psychology. In other words, these things happens unconsciously. We pick up our phones without reason and have a fixed loop we get stuck in while going through a restless journey on our phones. How can we help you take back control over your social media addiction, by using social media? The brief was given by the world wide Young Glory competition for the month of September - Connect to disconnect. The task was to use social media to make kids aware of the dangers of screen-addiction. By using an organization of our choice, to help us spread the message. We were free to use any channel, format or tactic.


  • Emilie Gabrielsen
    Art Director
  • Shervin Aghdami