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Atle Bore
Yorkshire Water/RSA Student Design Awards
Gullblyanten 2012
Diplom, Elevarbeider - Grafisk Design
The goal is teach young people at the ages between 12-18 about the value of water, and to motivate them to start saving. With the app “Showerbuddy”, Yorkshire Water has a challenge for you: Can you complete a whole shower within the length of just one song? The Showerbuddy app allows you to shower with you’re favourite artist, and gives you a photo to prove it! By taking a quick shower that only lasts a couple of minutes, you will save yourself money and Yorkshire Water won’t have to clean as much water. Getting started is easy. It all starts by you logging in with your already existing Facebook-account. Next, you simply browse and chose a band or an artist to be your showerbuddy, and start the song. By the time the water bar on the left reaches bottom, the song is over and you need to be finish. It is important to be nice & clean, as you’re now going to pose in a photo with your showerbuddy. Finally, you can with single touch share the photo of you and your showerbuddy with your friends! The goal is to create a joke with a message, and to spread it amongst young people.


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