Espen Andersen Visuell identitet

A strong and conceptual identity that strongly connects to his audience and that lives seamlesly from print to digital and interactive surfaces.

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Capturing identity through sound. Whether for a band, film score, or commercial, Espen uses sound to tell stories, convey emotions & capture his client’s identity.

His philosophy inspired us to capture Espen’s own identity through sound giving visual form to the sound/music he creates through the use of two simple elements: a single red dot, the recording button, and a vertical line, the playhead.

Working with a variety of creative clients, it was important that the visual identity spoke to and reflected the creativity of his audience.

Since Espen works with the most up-to-date technologies, the identity needed a strong digital presence. The identity comes to life on the website, a playful and engaging platform for showcasing his work, services, & creative philosophy. Each page was carefully considered to highlight the impact and power of sound and create an interactive experience for his visitors.

The recording symbol was used in communication to engage creative musicians & ad agencies. Make sure to explore the website and interactive visualizer («Play» in navigation) with the attached .mp3 file.


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