– Sømløs eleganse og lekenhet

Grafisk designer Linn Wie har jobbet lenge i utlandet, men de siste to årene har hun jobbet hos OlssønBarbieri og nå sist Snøhetta her hjemme. I årets siste Kudos viser hun frem noen av sine favorittarbeid.

0 Linn Wie Foto Anne Valeur
Linn Wie. Foto: Anne Valeur.


Graphic designer at Snøhetta Design, previously OlssønBarbieri and YES (London). Design education from Copenhagen and Toronto. Moved back to Norway in 2020 after 12 years abroad. In 2020 her design for a release in the Paul McCartney ‘Archive Collection’ was nominated for a Grammy within best Special Limited Edition Package. Made while working at YES.

– Thank you Camille for the baton, you have an admirable design sensibility and flair for words and writing. Thanks for the warm comments and opportunity! (I’m going to keep going in English as it feels natural following you and working abroad for so long.)

Tell us about one or more Norwegian-produced jobs that you like.

Lokalt Senter (for fotografi) identity and site

– Both Alejandro Rojas and Aslak Gurholt are stars at trusting a strong, simple idea. I think their work for the gallery Lokalt Senter (for fotografi) curated by Ivar Kvaal and run by Hest Agentur is a good example. The typography, animation and layout balances artful, elegant and playful qualities in a seemless way — which compliments the gallery space and respective photographers well.

1 Lokalt senter 1
1 Lokalt senter 2
1 Lokalt senter 3

Illustrations for VitraHaus

– With his current exhibition at Grafill, ‘Alle tiders’, I wanted to give an appreciation to Oscar Grønner — and especially his illustrations made for the 10th anniversary of the VitraHaus. I love how the softness of the characters blends with the softness of the furniture, as well as the hand drawn line, and the restrained use of colour. Lovely illustrated moments and furniture I find myself dreaming of being in (and owning) — that feel just as iconic as some of the classic Vitra pieces themselves.

– Oscar’s whole illustrated history of the company, painted in the staircase of the VitraHaus can be seen on his instagram.

2 oscar gronner 1
2 oscar gronner 2
2 oscar gronner 3
2 oscar gronner 4
2 oscar gronner 5
2 oscar gronner 6

Name one or more inspiring international/foreign work that you would like to have done yourself.

Visual identity for Bao

– I would love to have been part of the ever evolving visual landscape that makes up the universe of London-based Taiwanese restaurant(s), Bao. Where an eclectic mix of styles come together, to elevate the brand and restaurant experience in unexpected ways within the category. The universe consists of charming hand drawn characters, Wes Anderson-esque film set-inspired interiors, izakaya-influenced hand-filled menus, polished photography of the food itself, retro pixel-art of their delicacies and different locations, and 3D models of their event spaces to engage with and explore. Super charming place, people and amazing food.

3 Bao 1
Creative Director: Erchen Chang.
3 Bao 2
3 Bao 3
3 Bao 4
3 Bao 5
3 Bao 6
3 Bao 7
3 Bao 8
3 Bao 9
3 Bao 10
3 Bao 11
3 Bao 12
3 Bao 13

Donald Judd book

– I’ve always had a soft spot for designing books and starting out I did an internship with Atelier Dyakova. Sonya has a thoughtful approach to everything she does, and her strive to find the essence of whatever she is working with makes her work feel connected and timeless. The book for the exhibition of Donald Judd’s work at Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac, is a beautiful manifestation of this. An experimental, sculptural book, with an unusual slanded edge and conceptual typographic layout — resonating with Judd’s work in a precise and poetic way.

4 Donald Judd 1
4 Donald Judd 2
4 Donald Judd 3
4 Donald Judd 4
4 Donald Judd 5
4 Donald Judd 6
4 Donald Judd 7

by Humankind site

– I personally love layout in all forms, and think XXIX’s e-commerce site for personal care brand by Humankind does a great job of using layout to serve their e-commerce strategy. I appreciated how easy it is to customize a subscription, and how they provide insight into the product’s ingredients and efforts to reduce plastic.

5 by Humankind 1
5 by Humankind 2
5 by Humankind 3
5 by Humankind 4

Who would you like to pass the baton to and why?

– My first colleague when I moved back to Norway, Andreea Tecusan, must be the best colleague one can ever have. Andreea has an amazing eye and strong ability to capture the spirit of today in fun and refreshing ways (design and photo). She now works with the great people at Feed, and I would love to hear what inspires her these days.