Meticulous work

Den canadiske designeren Camille M. Sauvé, som for tiden jobber hos Goods i Oslo, har plukket ut et knippe designarbeid, blant annet av Snøhetta Design.

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BIO Camille M. Sauvé

Camille M. Sauvé is a Canadian designer based in Oslo, currently design lead at Goods. She has previously been with the creative teams at Collins, Pentagram, Sid Lee and Bleed; working with clients such as Girl Scouts, American Ballet Theatre and Sweetgreen. She focuses on creating visual identity systems through design and art direction. She is particularly drawn to projects that touch on the tactile and tangible qualities of brands.

– Thank you for passing me the questions, Tya! I really enjoyed reading your picks and thoughts last week.

Le Monde Group Headquarters Wayfinding

– This wayfinding project by Snøhetta reinterprets the tradition of the newspaper in a modern visual experience that enhances the tactility of the materials and the quality of the structural details & finishes. The historic references are brought to life in such an elegant and clever way. I am definitely envious of both the research process they would have gone through, and the production aspect of the development of each wooden character. I’m impressed by the meticulous work!

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Name one or more inspiring international/foreign work that you would like to have done yourself.

Soft Services by Decade New York

– I love the overall look and feel of the brand and the subtlety of its visual expression. Decade has managed to explore a unique visual world for each skincare product, while preserving a delicate structure that anchors all of the elements together. The spontaneous nature of the illustrative and typographic treatments is beautifully surprising. But what has charmed me the most, is the mindful effort that Soft Services and Decade have put into clarifying the end-of-life of their products and packaging. It is easy for the customers to find information on each of the components and gain knowledge on how to reuse or discard them. As well as the clear communication on the pack itself, they have created an educational page where all the information in regards to the disassembly, cleaning, and overall recycling can be found.

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Haeckels, In-House, Packaging Innovation Team

– Lastly, I thought it would be interesting to mention the great work that an in-house team has done. Haeckles’ is a personal care brand from the UK that creates products from hand-harvested seaweed. The work that their team does on the innovation side of packaging is truly remarkable and inspiring; as they look into reducing their impact by considering every element that they put out into the world. Even though they aren’t a big company at all, they invest in their research & development substantially. They have been exploring different packaging using new innovative materials such as Mycelium, Algae, and more recently with Vivomer—a bio-polymer produced by common microbes, and developed by Shellworks. As it isn’t an easy task to use and scale these materials in the context of commercial packaging, I really appreciate their openness and honesty in regards to their process. As they work iteratively, one packaging might not be the same a few months later, and there is a clear beauty in seeing that constant evolution. I enjoy seeing the tactility of some of these materials on shelf, and taking notice of the patina that is revealed once they degrade. I find that they elevate the visual qualities of the brand itself and complement the fresh yet scientific tonality of their visual identity nicely.

Haeckels store
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Mycellium candle
Seaweed bottle
Vivomer homecomposted 6weeks

Who would you like to pass the baton to and why?

– I would like to relay this to Linn Wie, designer at Snøhetta, as she approaches everything with such clarity and thoughtfulness. It will definitely be inspiring to read her.