Nedtelling til Gullblyanten 2021: Jessie og Haider

Designere Jessie Jones og Haider Ahmad fra design- og reklamebyrået MOS gir oss sine favoritter i forkant av Gullblyanten 2021. For litt ekstra internasjonal og mangfoldig schwung går nedtellingen på engelsk denne gangen.

Jessie og Haider Mos
Haider Ahmad og Jessie Jones. Foto: Hinda Fahre

Jessie and Haider make up the design team at Mos. Jessie joined the founding team at Mos almost two years ago and has since helped build the design competence. Haider joined the team this past October and has contributed to further strengthen the skill set with his design and animation chops!

– There is a lot of design from the past year that we find inspiring, here are a few projects which stand out in our opinion.

1) Goods Index av Goods & Heydays

Goods Index Goods Heydays

– Even though it’s not a project for a client, we feel jobs like this deserve so much recognition. We are continuing to see the importance of sharing knowledge, especially in the face of the climate crisis. To put so much effort and dedication into making something that can benefit so many, challenges the practice of gatekeeping we often face in the creative field. Projects like this move the field into the future in a positive and impactful way, which is why we’d love to see something like this win a prize.

2) Norges Sjakkforbund av Metric & Feed

Norges Sjakkforbund Metric og Feed

– Metric has done an exceptional job on leaning into the heritage and creating something new and eye-catching. The system for the whole identity is a well functioning one that brings clarity and variety to their communication. Their choice of colors, typography, and illustrations, done by Jon Arne Berg (which in our opinion deserves an award of its own), is a big part of bringing out the playfulness and excitement around this sport. We also really appreciate the archive references with inverted color illustrations and their placement in the grid. This identity definitely accomplishes the goal of appealing to all audiences.

3) Vikingtidsmuseet og Historisk museum av Bleed

Vikingtidsmuseet og Historisk museum Bleed

– This is another brand identity that takes inspiration from its heritage, the logo is a really solid construction based on the evolution of the Historisk Museum signage. It is clear and hard to forget. Their use of bright, attractive colors together with the historical images, is something we often have looked at as a reference for distinctive brand identities.

4) Tunco av TRY Design

Tunco TRY Design

– This identity by TRY Design has a fresh and true take on Tunco’s personality. The combination of colors and dynamic illustrations brings out the flavor in their food in a groovy and playful way. They have made choices that make them stand out in the market and kept a unified look and feel throughout their communication and space. We think this is a strong and fun rebrand that gives us an experience before even tasting the food.

5) Aclima av Neue

Aclima Neue

– The new packaging for Aclima, designed by Neue, is another project that we think really hits the mark. The core of the idea is a system that allows people to easily layer wool products and also introduce the idea of layering wool clothing to new markets. The execution isn’t over designed or overthought, it's exactly what it should be to accomplish the mission. The use of a variable system for product information cuts down the amount of unique packaging needed and further proves Neue’s holistic approach to this challenge.

6) Château Picoron av Olssøn Barbieri

Château Picoron Olssøn Barbieri

– Olssøn Barbieri is always here to prove that being a small studio doesn’t mean you can’t pack a punch. Their Identity and packaging for Château Picoron shows off a great aesthetic and focus on quality. Château Picoron is a vineyard in Bordeaux, a region known for its restrictions, that is challenging the snobbery associated with the Bordeaux region. The choice to use «restriction» as a driving concept in the identity is super clever and the execution is just as smart. Creating such variety and playfulness with just a few illustrations, one typeface and a black and white color scheme is not easy, and this is expertly done.

– We’re looking forward to see who will take the victory lap at this year’s Gullblyanten. See you there at the end of march!

Gullblyanten 2021

Gullblyanten 2021 foregår på Clarion Hotel The Hub 25. mars kl. 17.00. Velkommen!